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I'm a founder and CEO with a passion for blockchain, NFTs and startups.

Brad Robertson's Bio:

Brad Robertson is a tech entrepreneur, investor and founder. In 2018, he launched Polyient Labs, a early-stage incubator fostering blockchain innovation. In 2020, he launched  Polyient Games, the first investment firm focused on accelerating the growth of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and blockchain gaming.   Founding Polyient enables Robertson to leverage his passion for decentralized technology and draw on his years of entrepreneurial and tech industry experience. He also serves as an advisor to several U.S.-based blockchain startups and nonprofits.   Prior to venturing into blockchain technology, Robertson was the CEO and founder of CX, an early innovator in cloud computing. Before that, he served as a founder and executive for an array of internet startups including co-founding and developing an innovative “deep web” search engine. He was also the interim CTO at InternInc, a startup providing networking opportunities for students and professionals. He also co-founded Mackenzie Skyler & Co., where he served as an investor and advisor for numerous web-based startups. Prior to that, Robertson spent nearly a decade in automotive technology and sales.  Robertson and Polyient have been profiled in Forbes, TechCrunch, Phoenix Business Journal, CoinTelegraph and CoinDesk. He has published articles in Hacker Noon, American Banker, PaymentSource and others. He received his JD from Pepperdine School of Law, and, early in his career, oversaw royalty management for Roy Orbison's estate; served as a media affairs liaison for former President Ronald Reagan and worked as a deputy probation officer in Los Angeles County.

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Start-ups, entrepreneurship, cloud computing, technology, product innovation, angel investing, Autism Spectrum, School Choice, strategic planning, cloud applications

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